Removable braces

The removable braces – colourful and effective

The loose or removable braces for your child are custom measured and crafted in our in-house laboratory in Unterföhring. The young patients may individually choose the colour of their braces. The following information gives you an oversight as to when a removable brace makes sense.

Functional orthodontics – Give growth a nudge

Functional appliances are adopted during the growth stage. They utilise the body’s own muscle energy to specifically stimulate growth in the deficient area. An example would be the reduction of an severely enlarged overbite by stimulating the forward growth of the lower jaw.

Timing is of the essence in functional orthodontics. There needs to be ample of natural growth remaining to allow for the braces to stimulate effectively.
The standard duration for this treatment entails 9-12 months. After the jaws are positioned correctly, the treatment is often followed by applying fixed braces to subsequently position the teeth correctly.
Find out more about the right time for the initial consulation with the orthodontist

Removable appliance – A classic in orthodontics

The classic loose or standard removable brace has active elements like small springs or screws. Thereby allowing individual teeth to be moved and space to be made. The duration of this orthodontic treatment lasts typically approximately 6-12 months. If the crowded positioning of the teeth is acute there may be other treatments more suitable at creating space. It is of course our pleasure to discuss removable braces with you and your child.

Orthodontic space maintainers in the case of early loss of milk teeth

Sometimes milk teeth lose themselves prematurely or must be removed due to tooth decay. This is when a space maintainer should be implemented. In cases of not being treated the neighbouring teeth will grow into those vacant spaces, resulting in lost slots for the permanent tooth. Such a loss can have complex orthodontic consequences in the future, which easily could be avoided with a space maintainer. A orthodontic space maintainer is commonly only worn at night.

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Fixed or removable braces – which is the right choice for my child?

The question whether removable or fixed braces are better is not that easy to be answered. Depending on which orthodontic key problem there is sometimes fixed and sometimes removable braces are the better choice. To take advantage of the favours of both methods it is quite common to use removable appliances first and fixed braces later during the treatment.

In our practice for orthodontics in Munich-Unterföhring we will gladly discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of the various braces and select which is best for your child.

Invisalign – A unique form of removable braces

The Invisalign brace is removable much like the standard removable brace. A unique feature however is the transparent mouthguard-like mould. The orthodontic treatment is practically hard to sport to the untrained eye. Through the custom fitted Invisalign aligners, more precise tooth movements are possible than a standard removable brace. Find out more about the innovative Invisalign method.